Meet FGC trader Paul Keane as he talks about his stock picks

At 36, Paul Keane is an ‘old hand’ in the young world of digital currencies. He’s an extremely active member of the bitcoin community a member of the Bitcoin Foundation, he also belongs to 2 chapters of Michigan Bitcoiners, Detroit M.B. and Ann Arbor M.B. as well.

Cryptographer, API developer, bitcoin miner since 2011, bitcoin evangelist and altruist, Paul is happy to reach out and assist people who are serious about digital currency. Along with friends he is working on a number of web-based digital currency projects and you can catch him on social networks like Google plus, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Paul is a member of the First Global Private Trading Group. Members of the group are provided with part-funding by FGC and limited risk. The goal is to develop talented young traders and help them develop their skills, make money and enliven FGC’s growing community of traders.

Paul approached First Global with a number of really interesting stocks he wanted added to the platform. His stock picks are really well thought out so I asked his permission to share them with you which he graciously granted.  Here’s what Paul has to say about his choice of interesting stocks to trade.

Palo Alto Networks – NYSE Symbol PANW – This is a monster. Pricy, but the P/E on it is extremely high plus it’s undervalued. That as perfect as you can get. I have it hitting 195 ish by December. They just posted their largest revenue rise in 10 quarters. They are very innovative in Cyber Security.

Website –
Google Finance –

Box – NYSE Symbol: BOX – A very innovative cloud storage firm. Have had around 42% growth since going public this year, but it’s still cheap and the valuation is huge. They do a large amount of business with large corporations down to small business and the general public. Had revenue for Q2 at 69 million, original valuations put Q3 at 74 million in revenue but new projections are right at 77 million in revenue dollars.

Website –
Google Finance –

Celgene – NASDAQ Symbol: CELG – A Biotech company with a P/E of 46.72, my figure, undervalued and so very high P/E, it will be one I will be involved in around October. Though it’s cheap enough now to make small gains.

Website –
Google Finance –

PK: These next two are a direct result of APPLE’s new/old products being released, there is one you have listed on the FGC site that will boom with this launch, ACTIVISION BLIZZARD. No need to explain that one.

Electronic Arts – NASDAQ Symbol EA – Games have been developed for the conference and Apple has made a large order for games to be bought through iTunes. [I think it] shall take off in a couple weeks when the new os9 is released with the iPad Pro and iPhone 6s & 6s plus. Update will allow last year’s iPhone 6 & 6 plus full use.

Website –
Google Finance –

Adobe – NASDAQ Symbol ADBE – FINALLY Adobe is compatible with Apple. Very, very high demand. Also the new software is going to be fully compatible with Windows believe it or not. The two giants did a presentation together. Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave.

Website –
Google Finance –

Paul can be contacted through his Linkedin Account or Facebook page.

Would you like to apply for a position in the Private Trading Group? Email for further information.


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