First Global Trading Volume exceeds 1.8 million dollars continuing the year’s upward trend

Indicators point to Q4 easily meeting 50% growth target set during last 2 quarters of 2015

First Global Credit continues to achieve new highs with November site registrations up 6 times what they were in October and stock trading on the site achieving a new high in November of $1,836,569, a 26% increase over October’s trading figures.  “The fast growth we are experiencing is placing the company alongside the best and the brightest of the blockchain companies, making it a genuine resource for the bitcoin community,” says Marcie Terman,  bitcoin enthusiast and Communications Director for First Global Credit.

“People are finding us through friends who use the site or by taking part in one of our trading competitions, like the one going on now.” continues Terman. “Then they start using the site because they appreciate how profitable it can be to use their bitcoins to trade stocks while they also take leveraged positions on Bitcoin’s price movements. That double bite of the ‘profit’ cherry is a clear advantage to professional and amateur traders alike.”

“November was also a great month for Currency Switch, First Global’s Exchange Platform which saw trading volume increase 4 times over October’s volume.“We’ve seen at least 50% quarter on quarter growth for the last 3 quarters, ” continues Terman “which puts us on track for a record breaking 2015.” With new service launches planned every month in Q1 of 2016, First Global is one of the companies to watch on the blockchain horizon.


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