First Global Trading Advantage Profit Report 8 December 2015

This report will point out recent opportunities available exclusively to First Global customers because they benefit from the value stored in bitcoins while harnessing the value that comes from trading profitable stocks and stock markets.

Bitcoin value increase – from a low of $346 USD to a high of $407 USD – 18% increase

Opportunity #1: Newmont Mining Corporation

Trading Advantage-NEM
Symbol: NEM
Company: Newmont Mining Corporation
Stock Value increase: 17.65%
Stock increase + bitcoin increase: 35.35%
Leveraged 3x + bitcoin increase: 70.95%
Leverage 5x + bitcoin increase 106.25%


Opportunity #1: Newmont Mining Corporation

Symbol: SCTYTrading Advantage-SCTY
Company: SolarCity
Stock Value Increase: 20.49%
Stock increase + bitcoin increase:  38.19%
Leveraged 3x + bitcoin increase: 79.17%
Leveraged 5x  + bitcoin increase:  120.15%



If you are not taking advantage of the opportunity to maximize the value of your bitcoin portfolio by using them as collateral to trade stocks, ETFs and commodity futures, verify your account today. Contact with any questions you have about unleashing the power stored in your bitcoins.

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