Double your chance at profits and a prize with Currency Switch!

This is a question that came to me from a player in The Competitive Edge Competition so I thought I’d share this tip with everyone playing.

The question was, “if I have 100 bitcoins in my competition account and the collateral in my account is being 48% utilised, how much currency can I trade?”

The answer is that while stock and futures trading commits your collateral to securing trades.
Currency Switch IS based on movement of collateral.
The full amount of your collateral can being moved from cryptocurrency to fiat and back again. Regardless of what trades that collateral is securing!

So you are not eating into your collateral when you place Currency Switch trades. You are getting another bite of the profit apple. Clever traders can move collateral around taking advantage of currency moves the whole time they are stock / futures trading.

Most people tend to trade one thing, stock, futures or currency, so this elegant functionality is underutilised. But Currency Switch makes it possible to place 2:1 currency trades – BTC / USD, BTC / GBP, BTC / EUR and BTC / CHF.


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