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Meet FGC trader Paul Keane as he talks about his stock picks

At 36, Paul Keane is an ‘old hand’ in the young world of digital currencies. He’s an extremely active member of the bitcoin community a member of the Bitcoin Foundation, he also belongs to 2 chapters of Michigan Bitcoiners, Detroit M.B. and Ann Arbor M.B. as well.

Cryptographer, API developer, bitcoin miner since 2011, bitcoin evangelist and altruist, Paul is happy to reach out and assist people who are serious about digital currency. Along with friends he is working on a number of web-based digital currency projects and you can catch him on social networks like Google plus, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Paul is a member of the First Global Private Trading Group. Members of the group are provided with part-funding by FGC and limited risk. The goal is to develop talented young traders and help them develop their skills, make money and enliven FGC’s growing community of traders.

Paul approached First Global with a number of really interesting stocks he wanted added to the platform. His stock picks are really well thought out so I asked his permission to share them with you which he graciously granted.  Here’s what Paul has to say about his choice of interesting stocks to trade.

Palo Alto Networks – NYSE Symbol PANW – This is a monster. Pricy, but the P/E on it is extremely high plus it’s undervalued. That as perfect as you can get. I have it hitting 195 ish by December. They just posted their largest revenue rise in 10 quarters. They are very innovative in Cyber Security.

Website – http://www.paloaltonetworks.com
Google Finance – https://www.google.co.uk/PANW

Box – NYSE Symbol: BOX – A very innovative cloud storage firm. Have had around 42% growth since going public this year, but it’s still cheap and the valuation is huge. They do a large amount of business with large corporations down to small business and the general public. Had revenue for Q2 at 69 million, original valuations put Q3 at 74 million in revenue but new projections are right at 77 million in revenue dollars.

Website – https://www.box.com
Google Finance – https://www.google.co.uk/BOX

Celgene – NASDAQ Symbol: CELG – A Biotech company with a P/E of 46.72, my figure, undervalued and so very high P/E, it will be one I will be involved in around October. Though it’s cheap enough now to make small gains.

Website – http://www.celgene.com/
Google Finance – https://www.google.co.uk/CELG

PK: These next two are a direct result of APPLE’s new/old products being released, there is one you have listed on the FGC site that will boom with this launch, ACTIVISION BLIZZARD. No need to explain that one.

Electronic Arts – NASDAQ Symbol EA – Games have been developed for the conference and Apple has made a large order for games to be bought through iTunes. [I think it] shall take off in a couple weeks when the new os9 is released with the iPad Pro and iPhone 6s & 6s plus. Update will allow last year’s iPhone 6 & 6 plus full use.

Website – http://www.ea.com
Google Finance – https://www.google.co.uk/EA

Adobe – NASDAQ Symbol ADBE – FINALLY Adobe is compatible with Apple. Very, very high demand. Also the new software is going to be fully compatible with Windows believe it or not. The two giants did a presentation together. Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave.

Website – http://www.adobe.com/
Google Finance – https://www.google.co.uk/ADOBE

Paul can be contacted through his Linkedin Account or Facebook page.

Would you like to apply for a position in the Private Trading Group? Email marcie.terman@firstglobalcredit.com for further information.


State of the Bitcoin Market – April 6, 2015

state of the market 6.4.15

I’ve been quiet for the past 2 months about predictions because I strongly believe that if you have nothing of value to say then don’t waste peoples time. However, after 2 months of quiet, I thought it was time for an update.

After giving us the opportunity to get long a 50% position at an average price of 223 the market has done nothing but meander back and forth. This behaviour pattern is not uncommon in a market after a period of high volatility and simply signifies a period of value testing – does the market feel fairly priced at this level?

We now need to consider what to do with our small 50% long position.

On the upside I will be extending my position to long +100% if we break above 330 (The market is currently trading at 260 at time of writing). This is a pivot high following the reaction to the 166 lows back in early 2015 and breaking this should see a period of sustained higher price action. On the downside I’m no longer willing to see a loss on this small position so look to place a stop below the recent congestion level at 230.

A final note of caution, recent market behaviour will have made people lazy with stops and undisciplined in their trading; don’t get caught out! Quiet periods like this rarely signal when they end.

The end is likely to come as a sustained move in one direction or another; often not a dramatic surge but a consistent grinding move which will catch people out who are waiting for the retracement to close out. Stick to your stops and your trading discipline.

Good Luck

First Global Credit Adds New Bitcoin to Fiat Currency Switch Service to Growing Portfolio

First Global Credit launches radical new service that turns a significant risk into a profit opportunity

February 16, 2015

First Global Credit’s Currency Switch Service helps shrewd traders turn a significant risk into a profit making opportunity. Customers of either Global Credit Service that allows the use of Bitcoins as collateral to make stock and commodity investments can switch the collateral in their account from Bitcoins into one of four Fiat currencies (USD, EUR, GBP of CHF) at the live market price.

The stock or commodity positions the customer currently holds do not need to be closed to perform the Currency Switch; the existing trades will just now be secured by the Fiat currency in the account instead of Bitcoins. When the trader feels the moment is right they can switch back into Bitcoins at the current rate.  A modest transaction commission of 0.1 percent is charged if the trader is a price maker; placing an offer above the market or a bid below the market, or 0.2% if the order is ‘at market,’ wherever the market is currently trading.

Bitcoin’s price has recently been subject to substantial volatility and has at times in the last few weeks lost or gained as much as 20% of its value in a single day. This can expose those holding Bitcoins to considerable risk if they can’t divest themselves quickly enough to protect their portfolio’s value.

“The Currency Switch Service provides a benefit over other Bitcoin Exchanges by allowing our customers to actively trade both stocks and Bitcoin movements with the same collateral, doubling their opportunities and increasing the potential for portfolio growth,” stated Marcie Terman, Communications Director at First Global Credit. “This service supports both customers that want to enhance their returns and customers that are concerned about short term exposure to Bitcoin’s price fluctuation.

For more information including FAQ’s please go to http://firstglobalcredit.com/Services/Collateral-Currency-Switch-Service.

About First Global Credit:

First Global Credit is the world’s first Finance Company 100% focused on digital currency products. The company has been founded by financial service professionals with 35 years’ collective industry experience. The objective, to help our customers maximize the potential derived from their investment in the digital currency markets. To deliver those services with a stability and reliability not generally found in digital currency focused companies. We are committed to assisting our customers achieve their economic objectives and to do this our systems have been built using enterprise level technology and security. Our processes are designed to assure the privacy of our customers alongside the security of their assets. The company is committed to developing a stable and secure digital currency capital market; to provide an environment which will prove fairer, more accessible, and less costly for the public to transact business than existing banks and financial institutions.

State of the Bitcoin Market – 2 Feb 2015

State of the Bitcoin Market 02.02.15

Well…what a month. I hope you followed our advice and kept to your stop discipline which got us out of our tentative long position at 250 before the collapse down to 166. Since then we’ve kept out of the market to see what transpires.

Looking at the chart you can see that the trend is still down, so we should be playing this market from the short side. But there’s something in the way the market is behaving that makes me more inclined to still trade this from the long side – but very cautiously.

Our recommendation is to take a small 25% long position at the current level (226 as I write this) with a further 25% long at 220. Initial stops should be placed below 200.

On the basis of how quickly this market can move we will also give a short break recommendation. We will be looking to go short a full 100% of the way on a break below 160. We don’t believe this is the scenario that will unfold but if it does we can see a quick spike down a further $30 where we will look to cover our shorts (at the $130 level).

Good Luck.

State of the Bitcoin Market 9 Jan 2015

Over the past few days market action is starting to look mildly constructive; It is encouraging enough to suggest that we dip our toes back into the market.

We are entering to buy of a 25% position at the current price (284 at time of writing) with a further 25% bid below the market at 271. Protective stops should be placed below the 250 level. I would recommend a very disciplined use of Stops at the moment as a further slide can’t be ruled out.

We will build on this position if the market starts to trade higher.

Good Luck

Gavin Smith
Chief Executive
First Global Creditstate_of_the_market_9.1.2015

First Global Credit Announces the Ticket to Prosperity Trading Competition

Do you have the right stuff to make it using Bitcoins to make bit returns on investment?

ticket to prosperity

Do you have what it takes to make it as a professional trader? Anyone who thinks they have the right stuff is invited to participate in First Global Credit’s Ticket to Prosperity Trading Competition. The competition which kicks off December 1st and runs for 6 weeks will be formally announced at the Bitcoin Center of New York, 40 Broad Street on the 20th of November at 7PM.

The competition will use a demonstration version of First Global Credit’s Active Trader Service, which has been created for people who want to use their Bitcoins as collateral to trade stock markets and commodities. Everyone participating in the competition gets 100 synthetic Bitcoins and access to over 50 fast moving markets. The demonstration system mirrors the Live Active Trader using live prices and fee structures to emulate a real trading environment. The goal of the competition is to find the most talented trader capable of making the most of their 100 synthetic Bitcoin collateral.

“This competition mirrors the real world where you have a lot of smart, talented people with access to the same charts and market information all trying to make the most of their Bitcoin investment,” says First Global Credit Business Development Director Marcie Terman. “But there are certain people who have the aptitude to thrive in this high pressure environment and really perform. Our goal is to find the best of the best.”

And that’s the real significance of the competition. “Not only is First Global Credit introducing the public to a powerful money making resource with the Active Trader Service, we are looking for untapped talent in the Bitcoin community,” continues Terman. “Because the Monday after we announce the winner of the competition we will be providing that gifted individual with access to a fully funded trading account. The proceeds to be shared between First Global Credit and the trader, the risk to be shouldered by First Global Credit.

The tradition of fostering trading talent goes back to the days of open outcry pit trading when trading banks would back skilled beginners at the start of their careers and share the profits,” says Terman. “This strategy was successful 30 years ago and First Global Credit will replicate that successful strategy today.”

The competition will be held on First Global Credit’s Active Trader Service. The Active Trader launch follows the release of the now popular Bitcoin Investment Service first made available at Inside Bitcoin Las Vegas 2014. “That service was designed for people that use a buy and hold strategy. Active Trader is more appropriate for people that prefer a more dynamic trading style” says Terman.

Full details of the competition rules will be announced on the 20th of November, with actual trading commencing on the 1st of December. Anyone interested in signing up for the competition can create a demonstration account immediately at www.firstglobalcredit.com/register. When logging into the account on the first of December, they will simply choose to log into the competition platform instead of the demonstration account. It is free to enter the competition.

For further information email: info@firstglobalcredit.com

State of the Bitcoin Market Nov 13 2014

Regular readers who followed our advice should now have established a full position at an average price of about $333 (levels of $340, $333, and $325). The rapid rise on Nov. 12 to $430 is too good to resist so we recommend taking off 1/3 of the position at current levels ($425).


We would hold the remaining 2/3 position looking for a move up to $530 where we would sell the remainder. On the downside we would look to stop out of the remaining 2/3 position if we decline back below $360, if we reverse this high volume spike upward then we would probably retest the October lows – at the moment we believe this is a highly unlikely scenario.

Bueno Suerte
Bonne Chance
Semoga Beruntung!
Zol zayn mit mazl
Maikaʻi Pomaikaʻi!
Succes! Veel geluk!
Good Luck

First Global Credit Adds Darden Restaurants (DRI) to List of Investment Options


First Global Credit, the first professional service that allows people to use their Bitcoins as security for a range of investments has added Darden Restaurants (DRI) to the selection of stocks available for trading. “We had a number of requests to trade this stock both from the long and the short side,” says Marcie Terman, Communications Director for First Global Credit. “Some investors believe the dividend yield of 4.2% (one of the higher yields in the S&P) presents good value while others believe the stock is going nowhere but down due to poor earnings growth.”
The US based Darden is the owner of popular family friendly chains like Red Lobster, Longhorn Steakhouses and The Olive Garden.

Good luck!

First Global Credit does not advise our customers on what or how to trade. We provide the platform and point out facts our clients may wish to review when making their investment decisions.