Manage Positions

Select any active trade in the Current Position Ledger by clicking on the radio button to the left of the trade. This will bring the needed information into the Create Orders Section so it can be worked on.
Once an order has been called into the Create Order Section there are 3 Change Types that can be requested for an order;
– Enter Closing Order
– Sweep BTC Balance
– Change Stop Level

Enter Closing Order
It is possible to Close all or part of a trade by the number of units you enter into the Quantity Field.

Sweep BTC Balance
This will take the existing profit or loss on a trade and crystalize that fiat currency profit or loss into BTC. If this option is selected the system will show you the balance that will be swept from the currency of the market into BTC.

Change Stop Level
Whenever a trade is created in the Manage Orders Tab the system automatically sets a stop 10% against your trade. If you have bought a market, the stop will be automatically set 10% below your entry point. If you have sold a market, the stop will automatically be set 10% above your entry point for the trade.
To change the stop level manually, enter the new stop level into the price field and the system will move your stop to the new selected level.


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